Vanceboro Divorce, Custody, and Traffic Attorney

Hiring a lawyer is not an easy decision. Oftentimes it feels like you are placing your fate and your future into the hands of a stranger. This is why at Michelle Jerome Law, we believe that the attorney-client relationship needs to be built on trust, transparency and communication. With this in mind, Michelle Jerome has designed her practice to give each client personalized attention and access to their lawyer throughout the entire process.

Our firm offers experienced, compassionate service to fathers, mothers, and step-parents facing family law issues such as child custody disputes and adoption, as well as individuals facing divorce.  We can help you navigate all of the intricacies of divorce including separation, absolute divorce, divorce from bed and board, post separation support, alimony support and equitable distribution. We also provide services for those facing traffic charges, such as speeding tickets, careless and reckless driving, revoked license, no registration, no inspection, no insurance and driver’s license restoration.

Each of these types of events can be difficult to face, and we are proud to be an advocate for our Vanceboro clients during these trying times. At Michelle Jerome Law we believe that everyone deserves high-quality, affordable legal representation from an attorney who takes the time to listen and respond to their needs and goals. Quite simply, we believe that you deserve to have the best lawyer in your corner.  Since our practice began, we have been zealously advocating for our clients in Craven County, in and out of the courtroom.

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