Hiring a lawyer is not an easy decision. Oftentimes it feels like you are placing your fate and your future into the hands of a stranger. This is why I believe that the attorney-client relationship needs to be built on trust, transparency and communication. With this in mind, I have designed my practice to give each client personalized attention and access to their lawyer throughout the entire process.

My firm offers experienced, compassionate service to individuals facing family law issues such as divorce and child custody disputes, as well adoption. We also provide services for those facing traffic charges. Each of these types of events can be difficult to face, and I’m proud to be an advocate for my clients during these trying times. I believe that everyone deserves high-quality legal representation from an attorney who takes the time to listen and respond to their needs and goals. I am also the Parenting Coordinator for our district.  Helping parents and children navigate divorce or custody disputes with as little conflict as possible is of paramount importance to me.  Since earning my legal degree and admission to the North Carolina Bar Association, I have been zealously advocating for my clients, in and out of the courtroom.

I graduated with top honors from North Carolina Central University School of Law in Durham. During that time I also served on both the Law Review and the Moot Court Board. Since graduating I have served as both President and Vice-President Craven County Bar Association.  Additionally, I am a former board member of the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council in Craven County.

Michelle K. Jerome, Attorney at Law